Goodwood School


Goodwood School’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is one of the ways parents and teachers work together here to help our children learn and grow.

 We organise events and get involved in projects that encourage parent/whanau involvement in creating a great learning environment. 

You’re very welcome to join the PTA. Please get in touch at

Welcome to new and returning families.

2017 is going to be a great year.


Goodwood School has a great PTA tradition. Over many years, parents, caregivers and family members like you have given their time to raise funds and organise events that help to:


·      Keep communication open between home and school

·      Equip our children with the best quality learning resources and

·      Strengthen friendships within our school community


Last year, the Ice Skating, Quiz and Family nights were a great success. Together with our regular sausage sizzles, sports café, raffles, plant sales, themed lunches and discos, the PTA raised over $18,000! This money helped to purchase classroom TV displays, helped enable another John Parsons ‘Internet Safety Day’ for staff and families, develop a junior creative play area, support creative ideas form the students (signage) and literacy materials, and outdoor games. Importantly, these events brought the school community together.


As we know our school families value these events, we would like to offer them again in 2017. To do so, we need support.


5 reasons to get involved in the PTA


Discover a little more about your children’s learning

By getting involved in the PTA, parents, teachers and children benefit from the knowledge and insight shared. Through the PTA movement, parents have an opportunity also to become involved in the wider decision-making process of the education system 


Have fun

PTA work shouldn't be drudgery. Our aims are ambitious and they will not always be easy. But we're not taking ourselves too seriously and we're going to have fun along the way.   



We can match your involvement to your skills and interests

The roles needed to deliver the PTA’s aims cover a broad spectrum - from planning events creating flyers, filing, fundraising to building relationships with local businesses. We encourage creative ideas and are thrilled when people take on tasks that meet their skills and interests.   




As a group, we pledge to honour your time constraints

You may be reluctant to get involved because you are concerned you'll be pulled into a black hole of never ending commitment. Not so! There is a lot to do, but even just a few hours of your time will make a difference. We'll not push you to commit to anything more than you are able.  




It will be rewarding

If we get it right, there are big and small rewards for everyone involved.

As parents you are automatically members of the PTA (as is all the teaching staff). But there is absolutely no pressure for you to get involved in any of the events being planned for 2017. After all, life’s busy. We get that.


But if you are looking for opportunities to make a positive difference this year, please remember the PTA.

Because by taking one small step and contributing an hour or more at one of our events really does make a difference to your child(ren)’s school experience.